Maintenance Engineering

             applied to

                    wind turbines


Eolive Vertical provides vertical axis wind turbine maintenance services with rope access technology, without having to use cranes.


Eolive Vertical :: Mantenimiento eólico vertical

Access anywhere, anytime is what makes Eolive Vertical different. Rope access is a fast, adaptable, low impact way of getting close to the wind turbine for maintenance work and urgent repairs.

Eolive Vertical :: Mantenimiento eólico vertical

The experience acquired over many years working in the wind farm sector has helped us to optimize each project proposed by the client. The bases of our operations are simple: communication, customi[...]

Eolive Vertical :: Mantenimiento eólico vertical



At Eolive Vertical we consider safety and health at work to be the most important values of our company. Protecting your workers' health by preventing accidents and occupational illnesses is top priority.

We comply with and surpass official standards and recommendations and we always provide our workers with the m



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